Mine Production
Management and Reporting

Supported by Mining Professionals


Single Source of Truth

Shift Management
Production Reports
Stockpile Management
Load and Haul
Downtime Accounting
Data Integration
Budgets & Forecasts
Stockpile Reconciliation
Drill and Blast
Locations Management
Data Intelligence
Data Entry/Upload

Capture Data from any source

  • Spreadsheets

  • Mobile

  • Weightometers

  • Data Entry

  • APIs

Data quality checks

Optional pending and approval workflows for all incoming data


  • Stockpile Tonnes/Grade

  • Blending

  • Dilution

  • Reconciliation


  • Suite of Standard Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Dashboards

Our Mine Production Capabilities

Our team of software engineers, mine production consultants, and mine and exploration geologists have developed the MPX Mine Production Management software. It is a flexible solution to capture, analyse and report the Key Performance Indicators for any kind of mining operation.

Our current clients include surface and underground miners in Australia, South-East Asia, and Africa.

The MPX product has been developed over many years with input from mining professionals – engineers, geologists, managers - with extensive experience in surface and underground mines at all stages of the project.

We have industry leading capability in material blending, grade control, and mining reconciliation at any stage of the process - from in situ source data to process plant.

Fundamental to effective production management is the management of the flow of material through stockpiles, and key mining activities such as drill and blast, equipment utilisation, and other activities.

Material movement and equipment data is easily added to the system from a wide variety of sources and mine production workflows. Our graphical data configuration tools make it simple to add data from new sources.

We have an extensive library of out-of-the-box reports for your requirements as well as tools to create the necessary custom reporting that every operation needs.

Use our standard suite of dashboards or configure new dashboards to meet your special production management and reporting requirements.


MPX meets the needs of most operations “out of the box”

MPX allows your team to focus on the project and not the software

Configuration options ensure the user is presented with only those fields that are relevant

MPX provides rapid deployment and implementation options with minimal disruption

The centralised MPX architecture reduces total cost of ownership and maintenance significantly

MPX is easy to learn and use

MPX is a cost effective solution which suits the budget of owner-operated projects and contractors

MPX is flexible and allows managers to get the answers to day-to-day questions about productivity issues and downtime

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